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#the thing about this scene that kills me is that they both know what this means #this is Harvey asking Mike to trust in the fact that he’ll protect him #this coming from the same guy who said he didn’t care about him #just about three months before #so much of their relationship is based on trust #on how deeply they can believe in one another #believe that when it comes down to it…they’ll be there for the other person #and it’s so interesting to me that Harvey is largely a man who shows he cares with actions not words #but these are words that can’t be misunderstood #YOU’RE NOT GETTING FIRED ON MY WATCH #he couldn’t have been more direct if he tried #because it’s important to Harvey that Mike NOT misunderstand him #yes they play around with each other #they quote movies back and forth #they snark and snap and eyeroll at one another #but when it comes down to it Harvey is going to show up at Mike’s door when he’s grieving #and Mike is going to stay up all night and go through every damn box he can find when Harvey’s very reputation and livelihood are on the line #because that’s what they do #this is who they are to each other #this is how important their relationship is #I didn’t know I was going to love you as much as I do

AU meme ↦ Suits as a gay romantic comedy (~maybellepastry)

But just so we’re clear, I rocked your world.

Suits Meme | Favourite Friendship
↳  Mike Ross & Harvey Specter