there are the people on tumblr who

  • get fics in their inboxes written by anons
  • get gifts sent overseas by their followers
  • win the chance to go to premieres
  • win tickets to an advance screening of a movie
  • live near places where celebrities frequently visit (new york city, etc.)
  • and then there’s me


people who dont make text posts concern me

are you alive


when people seriously compliment me
it’s like
wow are you being 
for real 
god bless you and your family 
and I hope all your dreams come true 


there are some people on here

who like

you know


every time they make a text post i want to reply with ‘i love you i love you so much will you date me or be my roommate i just want to hang out with you constantly because you are an excellent person let’s get a cat together’

but no i play it cool and scroll past and cry

  1. Me: So... Do you come here often?
  2. Ryan Gosling:
  3. Me:
  4. Ryan Gosling:
  5. Me:
  6. Ryan Gosling: How did you get in my shower
  1. Real Life: Assume straight until proven gay.
  2. Tumblr: Assume gay until proven straight.
  3. Fandom: Assume gay even if proven straight