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Reposting this picture because it gives me Makorra feels.

Bryan released this on his tumblr I think some months ago. It’s apparently pieces of a storyboard scene from season two. Meaning, we’re deliberately missing some shots so we don’t know what’s going on. And it’s our only glimpse into season two thus far. Aside from the fact that the book is apparently called “Spirits”—which I think has become a verified fact in the last few days, though I’m being lazy and not double checking the source. 

But anyway it shows Korra and Mako (and Naga?) in either the North or South Pole. Mako’s outfit has been revised to hold a fluffy hood, like Korra’s winter garb. So they’ve probably been in the cold climate for a while now. I remember reading an interview where Brychael said that season two would take place half in Republic City and the other half elsewhere, though they remained vague about it. This is probably one of the elsewhere places. 

If you look at the timecodes at the bottoms of the pictures; in the second picture the time is 00:12:56:00. So that’s about 13 minutes into the episode. In the picture below that the time is 00:14:40:00, so almost two minutes have gone by between the two images. In the bottom one, Korra is in some new location where it’s heavily snowing. 

So now, My Makorra feels. Mako looks concerned. Korra looks upset. What is going on? We know from the end of season one that these two are probably definitely in a relationship now. And if they’re not for some reason, they at least love each other and know this. It looks to me like Korra is taking off to go somewhere on her own. Maybe Mako’s worried?

Basically, I just want to see this episode now please. But I know I need to wait. I respect the amount of work it takes to make an episode. Like I said before, this storyboard was posted months ago.



I just wanted Korra’s feet in Mako’s face and this happened…

No Asami because I wanted this to be Fire Ferret thing c:


Watch as Korra effortlessly boybends.
I vote for Borrako‘bama. 


post-Avatar State
don’t mind me guys, just contributing to the overload of makorra on the Korra tag




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