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we fly like paper

You could have been number one
And you could have ruled the whole world
And we could have had so much fun


Samifer kitties alsdkjfalsj I’M SORRY IT’S JUST TOO MUCH FUN 

So while Dean and Cas were romancing each other with scraps of meat and bowls of fresh milk, Sam was getting disturbed by this other cat.

"We were made for each other," Lucifer told him, numerous times, when Sam pushed him away repeatedly. He looked quietly sad each and every time Sam did it, until Sam cracked and asked Castiel about it, and found out-

"He’s your brother?” Sam said, amazed, and Castiel just nodded grimly.

"He was cast out of the family for disobeying the order to capture mice," Cas said solemnly, looking beyond Dean’s shoulder to the shrubbery far behind. "He’s been living out of the household ever since. I suppose he’s been on the streets."

Sam felt very sad for Lucifer, because even when Dean ate Bobby’s pie, all Bobby did was bop him on the nose and yell strange things at him before leaving him alone. He couldn’t imagine being cast out of the barn just because he didn’t want to catch mice.

He was actually planning to talk to Lucifer nicely, because he disappeared after Sam pushed him away rather meanly when he offered Sam a dead mouse. And then it turned out that he didn’t need to look for Lucifer after all.

"I can’t believe you- you trapped me in this, this prison," Sam hissed, angrily, clawing at the edge of the kitty cage. "And- you peed a circle around me! Cats don’t do that!

Lucifer sat in the other corner of the cage quietly. “I just wanted to talk to you without you running away,” Lucifer said, looking terribly, terribly alone. Sam wondered how long it had been since anyone licked his fur or nuzzled him. “We were made for each other. Can’t you feel it?”

Sam started a little when Lucifer shifted closer. He shivered, because Lucifer was right- he did smell a lot better to Sam than any other cat he’d met, which probably meant something serious along the lines of- well. Lucifer’s eyes were blue and not as huge as Castiel’s, but just as curious and sort of lonely.

"If- if I promise not to run away, will you let me go?" Sam said, hesitantly, because he was a kitten who kept his promises. "Will you let me go if I ask you to?"

Lucifer nodded.

"Let me go," Sam said.

Sam closed his eyes and waited until he heard the lock of the cage swing open, then he ran outside as fast as he could, eager to be free again. Once he was outside he turned and caught his paws at the foot of the cage, because Lucifer was still inside.

"Aren’t you coming?" Sam asked, when Lucifer didn’t move, and then he realized what Lucifer was really waiting for.

"Oh," he said. "Don’t be stupid."

Lucifer came up to him slowly once he realized Sam wasn’t going to shut the door, eyes watching him all the while. When he stepped outside the cage next to Sam, Sam leaned in to lick his nose and pressed his face against Lucifer’s neck. Lucifer shut his eyes and purred. Sam thought about showing him all the good things, about bellyrubs and drinking condensed milk and taking hot baths. When Lucifer wasn’t trying to rally the mice he wasn’t so evil at all, just a lonely cat looking for somewhere to belong.

"See," Sam murmured, nipping his ear and smiling into his fur, "Now we can go home."