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“i feel like when you walk you just have glitter coming off your hair and little woodland animals scurrying behind you” - shabz

"stop writing fic and just write the bestseller that is your life imo" - petra

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Bradley James - new profile pic at United Agent.


If our names were actually a representation of who we are, I’d be called Angel.

23/25 of Bradley James


Bradley James at the 2013 NTAs {x}


LIST OF FLAWLESS DUOS & BROTPS 2/ > bradley james + colin morgan

“Anthony Head, who plays Uther Pendragon, said the other day how nice it was that so much of our relationship is really built on humour. We do a lot of talking nonsense. I suppose that it is a bromance, I heard that term for the first time recently in America.” -Bradley James

Don’t know if it was obvious by the way I kept hitting him, but was and still am, beaming with pride for NTA ‘Best Actor’ Colin Morgan. -Bradley James

It has very little effect on my life [being voted ‘Hottie of the Week’], it was very flattering. I look like my Mum so I said: ‘Mum, there you go, the gene pool is top trumps.’


Bradley & Colin, bloopers!