So does that mean if you ship Tony/Steve/Bruce as an OT3 it can be called the Stark Spangled Banner? 


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i have much to learn. i know that now.
Anonymous asked: Please don’t hit me! But I’ve never read the comic books and everything is excited about tony/steve and I feel likee I’m missing a party so why do people ship them so much?


No, anon, don’t worry! I’ll be glad to explain it to you. Okay, so - why do people ship Tony/Steve so much?

The Steve/Tony manifesto is probably the best place to get started, and I’ve already kind of answered this a little bit here, but-


They’re best, best friends. Despite coming from completely different worlds, the past and the future somehow met in the middle. Tony and Steve hang out together a lot - they even stay home and fight over the remote.

yeah, everyone can totally see it…

Tony and Steve are a battle couple. They, ugh, ride into battle together. Um. Steve rides with Tony. Tony flies Steve places. Things of this nature happen. A lot.

They also save each other. A lot. Read: sacrifice their lives for each other. Of course, this being the comic world, they don’t stay dead, but still.

Pictured: Tony taking off his helmet in a room full of poison gas, which would have kept him alive, to kiss Steve give Steve mouth-to-mouth. To keep him alive. And incidentally which would result in Tony dying. For Steve.

Civil War is, yes, the divorce of the relationship - but it actually goes a long way to show how much they love each other, from both of them going on about how the war meant they lost everything (while referring to the other) to the goddamn ‘Confession’ (which I’ll quote for you below).

I know this because the worst has happened. The thing I can’t live with…has happened. And for all our back and forth—and all the things we’ve said and done to each other … there’s one thing that I’ll never be able to tell anyone now. … The one thing!! The one thing I should have told you. But now I can’t…

It wasn’t worth it.

Hey. So. Speaking of Civil War. This one time, Reed Richards was looking at alternate universes to see how the Civil War could have been prevented. He came across this awesome ‘verse called Earth-3490. Guess what? Tony was a woman called Natasha. And Tony and Steve got married in that universe, and their marriage basically prevented Civil War. No matter what gender they are, they’re at least emotionally in love enough to get married, then. Um. That’s canon. That’s basically the most canon a relationship between two main male characters in a major comic book series can get, tbh.

Did I mention they’re in love with each other? Because they are. From Tony using ‘Captain America’ as his password, to their constant gushing about how perfect and wonderful the other is, they’ve got it bad for each other.

And if anyone’s question is - ‘why are you making superheroes gay for each other?’ - my response is: ‘well, why not?’

“Marvel announced earlier this month that it has plans through to 2017 and that The Avengers in particular would set the foundation for an epic movie event that will take place that year.”