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“i feel like when you walk you just have glitter coming off your hair and little woodland animals scurrying behind you” - shabz

"stop writing fic and just write the bestseller that is your life imo" - petra

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Beyoncé performing at the 2014 VMAs

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❝ You see, love liberates. It doesn’t bind. Love says I love you, I love you if you’re in China, I love you if you’re across town, I love you if you’re in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you, I’d like to have your arms around me, I’d like to hear your voice in my ear. But that’s not possible now. So, I love you. Go. ❞
Maya Angelou, Love Liberates (via distantheartbeats)
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John Knuth - Faded Siren (2013)

faded siren exposes billowing clouds of orange smoke from emergency flares photographed with flash that cause fractal patterns in the black night sky.

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Joan and Sherlock + tropes

Natalie Dormer SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly

By Jeff Hahn, 2013


Chicken Potstickers

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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