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“i feel like when you walk you just have glitter coming off your hair and little woodland animals scurrying behind you” - shabz

"stop writing fic and just write the bestseller that is your life imo" - petra

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"We pass the time of day to forget how time passes." - Amelie (2001)

Marion Cotillard - Liberation Magazine - May 2014




mother loaf chirping to tipsy babies

I thought chirping was an exaggeration but no. no that is actually a chirp

It’s like she’s reassuring them because they are bitty and cannot see well.

"MAM!" "mm?" 

"MAMA!" "mmmh?"

"MAAAM!" "i’m here."

"mm" "i’m here."


Hello, sir! How are you today? I am Detective Right-All-The-Time and this is my partner Detective Terrible Detective.

Beyoncé photographed by Juergen Teller for T Magazine

Lilo and Stitch + Quotes


The Supermassive Black Hole in Galaxy Centaurus A

"Centaurus A is the fifth brightest galaxy in the sky — making it an ideal target for amateur astronomers — and is famous for the dust lane across its middle (bottom image) and a giant jet blasting away from the supermassive black hole at its center (top image)." Centaurus A is an active galaxy about 12 million light years from Earth located in the constellation Centaurus.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Hubble

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Favourite relationships: Bellamy Blake & Clarke Griffin

James McAvoy / Prada presents the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video of its Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear Campaign.





He’s more of a nerd and a, you know, quiet introvert type guy. You know, he just puts on a show for everyone.

stop. talking.

wow 19 seconds long and you’re pretty sure the gifs will have prepared you but no.  no, i was entirely unprepared for this.

#tazer: eternally salty that he got saddled as the serious one and kaner ‘got to be’ the party boy#he probably leaked that college beer-bonging picture himself#bros for life#gifs that make living life difficult

#holy shit tazer’s laugh in that is adorable #i love this epic campaign they’re on #to rebrand each other #no guys seriously #tazer is the silly one #and kaner is the serious one #THE CAKE IS A LIE (via demotu)